Prof. Dr. Ali Haider is the CEO of Life and Hope Foundation (LHF). He is PhD in Neuro surgery. He completed his  MBBS in 1989 from Ayub Medical College Abbottabad, MS Neurosurgery in 1993 and PhD Neurosurgery in 1996 from A. L. Polenov Research Neurosurgical Institute Saint Petersburg, Russia. He continued his studies at the highest levels getting Post Doctorial fellowships from Germany in Skull Base Surgery, in Microneurosurgery from Japan and in Neurovascular Surgery from USA. He attended more than a hundred national and international training courses, workshops, seminars and conference.

He paid academic and professional visits to 25 different national and international institutions. He wrote 18 research papers published in different journals. Currently he is working at Leady Reading Hospital ( LRH), the oldest and most prestigious post graduate  hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is teaching to postgraduate, M.Phil and PhD students in medical sciences. He has inhereted entrepreneurship in social welfare services  from his forefathers starting from 1880.

His forefathers continued their services in very hard times promoting social development, peace, justice and national independence in limited resources in harsh conditions. This journey was kept  continued by his parents and relatives till he took over  the struggle for social welfare activities in 1975. At that time he was  a student at high school . In 1980  his family celebrated the golden jubilee of this unending struggle for social development and justice, the year when he was a college student. The commitment in the field of  education got momentum in 1980s when his grand father donated land for   primary school for girls and boys. His personal activities in  health sector continued when he was a student at medical college though faced lots of difficulties .

when he returned to home town after completing his PhD in neurosurgery in 1996, he started a welfare clinic in Tahti Bai. Till this date he treated  more  than 80,000 poor patients free of cost , helping in clinical investigations, medicines and surgeries. He set of Stroke and Spine welfare centre in Peshawar in 2007 for poor patients who suffered stroke and spinal injuries. He  established a welfare hospital in 2022 in Tahti Bai with the name of Ali Haider General Hospital. In this journey of  philanthropy he was of course supported by his  family,  especially his spouse , relatives and  friends. He wants to continue this unending  journey of social welfare activities for education, health and social development utilising his own resources and donations if received in a very organised and sincere way to help the down trodden and marginalised communities.